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About Us

North Air Logistics, formerly known as WecoAirCargo, was founded in Copenhagen in 1971. In May 2007, WecoAirCargo was acquired by World Freight Company, and is now a strategic operation within Air Logistics Group.

With 4 offices and 17 employees, North Air Logistics is well positioned to provide full cargo sales and service coverage across the Nordic region.

Head office is located at Copenhagen Airport, and branch offices are located at Stockholm Airport in Sweden, Helsinki Airport in Finland and Oslo Airport in Norway.

The company has moved on significantly from the traditional ‘General Sales Agent’ model and now categorizes itself as an ‘International Cargo Management’ company where GSA services are just one element of the many cargo services that North Air Logistics can offer.

This innovative approach allows its airline partners to take advantage of a variety of solutions, from turn-key Total Cargo Management to local sales in niche markets.

The combination of expert local knowledge and the strength of a financially well backed corporation is key to the success of Air Logistics Group.  The company is fortunate to have some of the most experienced airfreight professionals managing its operations around the world and institutional shareholders who are willing to make significant investment in the company.

Above all, North Air Logistics prides itself on providing outstanding service to airlines and forwarders alike.  North Air Logistics is setting the industry standard, maintaining the highest standard of customer service with strong efficiencies while also being a transparent & reliable partner.

With a proven financial track-record, a strong brand and an excellent reputation, North Air Logistics remains the quality GSSA of choice in the Nordic region.